How To Tell If You Have A Cavity

10 October 2018
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If you haven't had a cavity as an adult, then you may not have the first clue about what they feel like. As one of the most common oral conditions, the good thing about cavities is that they are easy to treat with a dental filling. But how can you tell if you need to go in to see your dentist for a cavity or if it's something that should clear up on its own? Read More 

The Three Major Stages Of Getting A Tooth Replacement Dental Implant

14 September 2018
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Getting a dental implant will provide you with one of the longest-lasting and most realistically functioning and looking tooth replacements out there. If you're wondering what the process is like to get a dental implant, you should know that there are three major steps once the ball is rolling and you and your dental implant treatment specialist have planned to set you up with dental implants. Here are the next three steps you'll be going through, from start to finish. Read More 

4 Pros And Cons Of Getting Porcelain Veneers

22 August 2018
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Thanks to the ever-evolving world of cosmetic dentistry, there are more and more procedures you can undergo to obtain a more beautiful and healthy smile. If you have a few cosmetic concerns with your front teeth, you may be considering porcelain veneers because of how they can transform your smile. However, veneers may not be the right choice for everyone, so check out these four pros and cons of getting porcelain veneers. Read More 

How Does A Dental Bonding Procedure Work?

24 July 2018
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After damage to a tooth, your dentist may apply a filling to protect the enamel from further infection. However, you may still have small chips or cracks that you'll want to fill out with dental bonding. Besides improving aesthetics, you can also improve functions with dental bonding. For instance, your tooth has natural contours and curvatures called lingual and facial surfaces. These curvatures provide natural pathways for food while you eat. Read More 

Improve Your Breath: 6 Tips To Help You

26 June 2018
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Bad breath plagues most people, although some may not even realize they have this problem until someone else notices it. A lot of things can cause bad breath, some being from the food you eat, although some can be from poor oral health or other issues. Read on for tips to help improve your breath. Stay Hydrated Dry mouth can be one cause of your bad breath. Harmful bacteria can spread easily in a dry mouth, and it can lead to oral issues including bad breath. Read More