3 Soft Breakfast Options For After Your Oral Surgery

29 December 2016
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If you have an oral surgery coming up, there is a chance that you will be restricted to a soft food diet only in the days after your procedure. Going to the grocery store now to pick up a few soft items for each meal is smart so that you do not have to brave the grocery store or try to hunt down food when you are recovering from your oral surgery. Read More 

Signs That It’s Time To Remove Those Wisdom Teeth

9 December 2016
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Your dentist might have their own opinion on how to handle wisdom teeth. They may be in favor of removing wisdom teeth early in order to prevent a problem from happening, or want to wait until it is clear that a problem will occur. Wisdom teeth may not grow to the point where they disrupt the teeth next to them, so it's easy to understand this point of view. If you and your dentist are opting to wait until a problem occurs, be aware of these signs of when wisdom teeth should come out. Read More 

Denture-Care Tips to Keep Your Dentures in Like-New Condition

22 November 2016
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If you have lost your teeth and are planning to get dentures, you will likely want to protect your investment in the restoration of your mouth. Dentures are considerably durable teeth-replacement appliances. However, if abused or not properly maintained, they can incur damage. Here are a few denture-care tips to help keep your dentures in like-new condition. Clean them daily. By cleaning your dentures in a denture solution, you not only remove odor-causing plaque and bacteria but also help prevent deep stains from becoming lodged within the material of the false teeth. Read More 

What Is An Indirect Dental Restoration And How Can One Save Your Damaged Tooth?

2 November 2016
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When your tooth has a crack or cavity, the cosmetic dentistry specialist will want to use a restoration to fix the problem. Restorations involve everything from fillings to dental crowns. There are two categories of restorations: indirect and direct. What is an indirect restoration, what types are available, and how can these pieces help your general or family dentist save your tooth? Indirect Restoration  An indirect restoration requires more than one dental appointment so that the dentist can mold your teeth and craft the perfect restoration. Read More 

CPAP Problems? Consider These Alternatives

14 October 2016
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People suffering from sleep apnea really should seek treatment. Otherwise, they have an increased risk for medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. However, the most commonly recommended form of treatment is the continuous positive air pressure machine, or CPAP, and up to 50 percent of people don't adhere to this treatment recommendation for various reasons. There are alternative sleep apnea treatment options available. Newer Versions Read More