Denture-Care Tips to Keep Your Dentures in Like-New Condition

22 November 2016
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If you have lost your teeth and are planning to get dentures, you will likely want to protect your investment in the restoration of your mouth. Dentures are considerably durable teeth-replacement appliances. However, if abused or not properly maintained, they can incur damage. Here are a few denture-care tips to help keep your dentures in like-new condition.

Clean them daily.

By cleaning your dentures in a denture solution, you not only remove odor-causing plaque and bacteria but also help prevent deep stains from becoming lodged within the material of the false teeth. Dentures are usually made from resin or porcelain, and when exposed to dark pigments for a prolonged period, they can become stained.

Many denture-cleaning solutions that are available over the counter emit tiny effervescent bubbles when used. These bubbles can help clean the dentures more effectively. The bubbling liquid can reach deep into the cracks, crevices, and pores of the appliance.

If you prefer to use a denture-cleaning paste, be sure to brush the dentures thoroughly during cleaning.

Rinse your dentures between cleanings.

By rinsing your dentures after meals and snacks, you can help remove uncomfortable debris and stain-causing agents. The dentures can be rinsed with simple tap water, but it is important to monitor the temperature of the water. Since dentures often include resin components, they can bend or warp when subjected to great amounts of heat. As a result, it is important to rinse dentures with cold water only.

Store your dentures in liquid.

If you need to store your dentures overnight or at some point during the day, it is best to store them in liquid. Once the plastic of the dentures becomes dried out, the dehydrated material may become brittle and more prone to damage.

Fancy denture solutions are not necessary for short periods of storage. Instead, you can simply place your dentures in a cup of cool water until you are ready to place them back into your mouth.

Avoid using your dentures for anything other than chewing food.

Dentures can be abused just like natural teeth. It is important not to use your dentures to try to loosen beverage tops or to bite down on inedible objects, such as pencils or ink pens. Chewing on very hard objects, including edible ones, such as hard candy, can cause your dentures to chip or crack.

To learn more ways to keep your dentures looking great, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area, such as one from Bristol Dental Group.