3 Changes You Can Expect In The Field Of Cosmetic Dentistry In The Next Decade

28 January 2015
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Do you think you know a lot about cosmetic dentistry? It is true that the average consumer can spout off some pretty basic information about dental implants and cosmetic dentistry when given the chance. After all, it is a hot topic amongst not just older people who have lost their teeth, but those who just want a different smile. You may already know a great deal, but what may surprise you is where cosmetic dentistry is headed in the next decade. Here are three things yo should expect to see happen.

Cosmetic Dentists Will be Easier to Find

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the number of people with dental implants rises by about 500,000 every year. So, what does that mean for the future? It is a pretty good chance that dental implants will be more accessible than ever before for any patient regardless of location. You will see new dentists popping up in towns closer to home. Further, more general dentists will be offering new forms of cosmetic dentistry, and possible implants, when they have not before.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Dogs

This is actually happening right now as you read this page. Veterinarian dentists have been working and studying to find suitable dental implants for canines who have missing teeth inhibiting their chewing abilities. For dogs, bad teeth may cause problems with digestion. For now, there is a strong resistance from some veterinary professionals to extrapolate the same procedures used in human implant procedures because there is not enough study regarding the effects. However, some doggie dentists are already practicing the idea.

Nano-Diamond Encrusted Implants

You are probably thinking a blinged-out diamond grill is already possible in today's world. However, UCLA researchers have found that tiny diamond particles will actually bond well to bone, and will actually promote bone growth. One of the biggest reasons implants fail is because of the refusal of the material to bond to existing bone in the jaw line. With nano-diamond encrusted abutments, there is a possibility that rejection of the implant could be avoided.

With medical technology consistently changing and more people looking for dental implant procedures, you can pretty much guarantee that things are going to change for the better in the coming years. Some changes, as you can tell, will be unexpected, but will no doubt completely change the way everyone looks at dental implant procedures and cosmetic dentistry.