The Role Of An Emergency Dentist

24 March 2015
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You may not know the importance of an emergency service until you are caught up in a situation that requires immediate attention. If there's one specialist that you should have at speed dial, it's an emergency dentist. Your oral condition may be at its best now, but it doesn't necessarily mean that things will always remain that way.

The two most common oral problems that often require emergency dental services are severe bleeding after a lip or tongue bite and severe toothache. Other oral problems that may require the attention of an emergency dentist include an abscess (inflammation of the gum), a loose tooth, a lost filling and a knocked-out tooth. So, what will be the role of an emergency dentist should you have a dental problem that needs immediate medical attention? Well, here's what an emergency dentist is obligated to do.

Attend To You after Office Hours

Some problems may pick the worst time to occur, and it is at those times that you need a professional who can take you out of your misery without hesitation. The role of an emergency dentist is to be available even when other dentists who work from eight to five have already called it a day. A dentist who is available at any time of the day or night will be able to address your dental problems any time they occur.

Be There For You on Weekends

One of the most disappointing answers you could ever receive while trying to reach your dentist with an emergency is "Sorry, he's away for the weekend." The good thing about an emergency dentist is that he is not only available 24 hours a day, but he's also available 7 days of the week.

Put Your Needs First During Holidays

Holidays are filled with lots of activities, most of which involve sampling different types of foods and drinks. Those with super sensitive teeth and gums know a thing or two about the consequences of overindulging in food and drinks, especially those that contain high levels of sugar. If you have always had trouble getting ahold of your dentist during holidays, it would be best if you choose an emergency dentist for a change.


An emergency doctor can only earn that title if he is available to extend his services whenever his clients need them. Just because a dentist has stated on his website that he is available 24/7 doesn't necessarily mean that he actually is. You can be able to determine the availability of a dentist by getting in touch with some of his clients and asking them about the dentist's reliability in handling emergency cases. To learn more about the role of an emergency dentist, contact a clinic like Larchmont Dental Arts LLC