Taking A Look At The Common Questions Parents Have About Pediatric Crowns

2 October 2015
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Even though your child's baby teeth will not last forever, keeping them in place for as long as possible is always a good idea. This is why many pediatric dentists prefer placing a crown on a baby tooth over just pulling it if it is decayed. As a parent, seeing a crown placed on your child's tooth may sound alarming, but this procedure is really nothing to fear and for the better benefit of the child. Here are a few of the most prevailing questions most parents have when they learn that their child is getting a dental crown. 

If your child will eventually lose the tooth anyway, why go through the trouble of placing a dental crown?

The baby teeth that your child has may eventually fall out on their own, but losing them early can have negative impacts on your child in various ways. For one, their speech development may be affected, especially if the teeth that are problematic are in the front of the mouth. Additionally, pulling the teeth early can have a negative impact on your child's self-esteem and may affect the foods they are able to eat.

Will there be foods your child should avoid while wearing a dental crown?

When your child first obtains a crown the dentist will give you strict instructions about what foods should be avoided. Your child may only be allowed softer foods for a few days after treatment to give the crown proper adhering time. Beyond that, most dentists recommend that you avoid allowing your child to have foods the are overly chewy or sticky and hard candy.

Is there any danger of the crown coming off of the tooth?

Just as it is with any dental application, a pediatric dental crown can come off. However, this usually only happens as a result of the child eating something excessively crunchy or sticky, such as chewing gum or hard candy. While your child has a crown, pay a bit of extra attention to their smile to make sure you do not notice any signs that the crown could be coming out of place. If you do, contact the dentist right away to have the crown re-bonded to the tooth.

Any dental work on a child can bring about some concerns as a parent, but keeping your child's smile healthy is crucial to their overall development. If you have additional questions about pediatric dental crowns, openly discuss your concerns with your child's dentist (such as one from Maplewood Dental Associates, PA).