Toddler Tooth Brushing Battles – The Victory Is Yours!

13 December 2015
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Toddlers can be difficult little creatures to work with. These adorable, strong-willed beings can sometimes be impossible to communicate with. They can understand what you are saying, but sometimes, what you are saying is beyond what they can comprehend. One task that can be very difficult to get done twice every day is brushing your toddler's teeth. This important task isn't always the easiest thing to get done. Below, you will learn a few tips that can help you win that battle more often than you lose.

Bubblegum, Grape, Turtles and Bears

Build your toddler a little tooth brushing station in your bathroom. In this station, stock it with various flavors of toothpaste and different toothbrushes. Giving your toddler a little say in what is going on and allowing him or her to choose this element of tooth brushing can help you get your little one excited about brushing. When he or she loses interest in the brushes and flavors that you have, buy more.

Monkey See – Monkey Do

Your little one is more likely to follow through and brush his or her teeth if you do it along with them. Make it a bit of a game and get a little goofy. Make funny faces as you brush your teeth and watch as your little one mirrors them. Dance around, shake your booty and let yourself have fun while you tend to this otherwise daunting and important task. You will create memories with your little one while igniting some enthusiasm and joy.

Mouthwash Do or Mouthwash Don't

Mouthwash is very effective in reaching the areas of the teeth that aren't easily cleaned with a toothbrush. Some pediatric dentists say not to use mouthwash for toddlers, but others recommend it. The key to determining if your little one can use mouthwash or not is if your toddler understands that it needs to be spit out and not swallowed. There are various mouthwashes made in flavors that kids enjoy and do very well with killing the bacteria and germs that are hiding between your little one's teeth. Practice rinsing and spitting with water – once your little one gets the hang of it, move on to mouthwash.

On top of your toddler's daily brushing routine, your toddler will need to get accustomed to going to the dentist. Find a pediatric dentist that is experienced with young children. Typically, these family dental centers have staff that is great with soothing nerves and making the visit more fun than it is trouble. Have a peek at this site for more information.