3 Top Ways To Make Your Smile More Attractive

14 April 2016
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Having a smile that you're proud of is sure to make you feel more confident about yourself and your appearance. However, you may simply not have been born with the teeth you want. If so, there are many methods that will allow you to alter the attractiveness of your teeth. Knowing some of the top dental techniques selected to do so can aid you in finding the best way to improve your smile.


Choosing veneers to enhance the look of your smile is ideal. Veneers are made of thin porcelain laminates that fit over your existing teeth. In some cases, your teeth will need to be shaved down only a small amount for the best possible fit.

Veneers are frequently selected by people that have crooked or uneven teeth. There are numerous other benefits to choosing this dental method, and these include providing increasing the strength of your teeth.

The average price of veneers is $500-$1,100 per tooth. However, keep in mind that dental insurance typically won't help pay for these costs unless you've been in an accident that caused an injury that requires veneers.

Dental bonding

Having a gap in your front teeth can be frustrating. You may want to consider dental bonding to assist in improving the look of your smile.

This is typically a simple process that can be completed in only one visit to your dental office.  Dental bonding involves your dental professional using a composite material that closely matches your existing teeth to fill in the gap. 

Dental bonding is an ideal way to improve your smile, and the average cost of this process is $300-$600

Teeth whitening

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to improve the appearance of your teeth is with teeth whitening. This procedure can usually be completed in only one visit to your dentist and offers significant results.

Your dentist will use plastic molds that fit precisely to your teeth, and these will be filled with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This will be left on your teeth for a certain amount of time to get rid of any stains.

The average price of teeth whitening is $500-$700 when performed by a dental professional.

Having the smile you want rather than the one you have is entirely possible. Be sure to rely on a top cosmetic dentist in your area to assist you in achieving these results today!