Get A Crown For A Broken Tooth

3 May 2016
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If you have a broken tooth your best bet may be to have a crown put on it. Get in to see a dentist as soon as you break the tooth so no further damage is done. Ignoring the problem can lead to other issues, such as the development of a cavity, an exposed nerve, more chipping taking place and even the development of cuts to the inside of your mouth. Learn why a crown may be your best option by reading the information provided to you in this article.

Getting a crown is a simple procedure

When you have broken your tooth, you may to have broken it enough to require it to be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic tooth, but it may be broken too much so a filling is not an option. A crown is put on with the use of a very strong bonding material. The tooth preparation for getting the crown only requires the tooth to be ground down enough to free up the necessary room and the creation of a mold that will be used to make the crown so it fits.

When the dentist grinds the surfaces of your tooth down, it may be uncomfortable, but you should not feel much in the way of pain. When they put the crown on, it shouldn't be painful either. Once the crown is in place, you will leave with a completely fixed tooth that looks, feels, and functions just as a real one.

A crown requires no extra care

When you have a crown put on to repair a broken tooth, it doesn't need any extra care above and beyond the way you already care for the rest of your teeth. If you have the broken tooth extracted and go with a tooth replacement option such as a partial denture, then you will have to care for it separately from your real teeth.

You have some options available to you when you go with a crown

If you want your tooth to be repaired so no one can tell that there was ever a problem, then you can go with a crown that has a porcelain outer layer that is colored and contoured to blend perfectly with your other teeth. Or, you can go with a silver or gold colored crown if you decide to take advantage of the situation to have a little bling put in your mouth.

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