Two Oral Treatments to Help Soothe Sensitivity after You Get Your Zirconia Bridge

28 June 2016
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Zirconia bridges are often used to replace missing or damaged teeth because they look just like traditional teeth. The bridge can be fitted and cemented within a short amount of time. Most of the installation process is spent on tooth reduction. This involves drilling down parts of your teeth in order to create a tight fit for your zirconia bridge. While this process makes the bridge fit a lot better, it can also result in tooth sensitivity once the procedure is complete. The sensitivity is not permanent, but it can be frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, there are a few oral treatments that you can use in order to soothe any tooth sensitivity that you experience after getting your zirconia bridge installed.

Eucalyptus Oil Rinse

While eucalyptus oil is most sought after because of its antibacterial properties, the herbal oil also works as an effective pain reliever. The herbal oil contains analgesic properties that make it a reliable remedy for treating pain caused by arthritis. These same analgesic properties can be used to alleviate sensitivity caused by your new zirconia bridge. In order to make your rinse, fill a cup with hot water and add three drops of eucalyptus oil. Allow the cup to sit until it cools. Once it cools, weave the rinse around your gums and bridge. Focus on the teeth that have been affected and hold the rinse in your mouth for several minutes. Use the rinse first thing in the morning and before bed in order to keep your sensitive teeth under control.

Sassafras Rinse

Sassafras is an extremely concentrated natural pain reliever. The herb is used on wounds and aches in order to ease pain throughout your body. In order to use sassafras, you need to fill a medium-sized pot with water and add one drop of the essential oil to the pot. Since the oil is concentrated, adding more than one drop is excessive. Add four lemon slices to the pot while it boils. Remove the pot from the stove and allow it to cool untouched for several hours. Place part of the rinse in your mouth and work it around your bridge. Avoid swallowing the rinse, and use warm water to remove it from your mouth. Use the sassafras rinse before bed to keep your sensitivity at bay.

Some sensitivity is to be expected after getting your zirconia bridge installed. Therefore, use these oral treatments to help keep it down to a minimum.

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