3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Invisalign Treatment

15 July 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you are currently getting ready to begin Invisalign braces treatment, here are three things that you can do and allow your orthodontist to do that will help you get the most out of your treatment.

Realize That Wearing Your Aligners Is A Full-Time Job

It can be easy to fall under the impression that because the aligners that are moving your teeth are designed to not be noticeable to others, that you do not need to wear them at all times. However, that is not true. In order for your Invasalign aligners to work really effectively and move your teeth, you need to wear them full time. That means that for the vast majority of the day and even when you are sleeping, you need to have your aligners in. The only times that you should remove your aligners is when you are eating food or when you need to brush your teeth, which shouldn't take up more than a few hours of each day. Other than that, you need to keep them in at all times in order to ensure that your teeth are moving.

You will be able to tell that the Invisalign treatment is working when your new aligner fits comfortably; that means your teeth have moved into the next desired position on the way to straight teeth.

Use Chewies On A Daily Basis

Your aligners work best when they fit tightly against your teeth. However, sometimes your aligners do not fit as they are designed to fit. If you notice or feel air gaps in between your aligners and your teeth, you need to use chewies. Chewies are specially designed to help your aligner fit properly to your teeth. They are small cylindrical cushions that are made from a plastic-like material that is safe for you to put in your mouth and bit down on. Whenever your aligner is feeling off and full of air, bite down on a chewie for a few minutes; this should help seal your aligner against your teeth and should help keep your progress on track or it may even potentially speed it up.

Be Open To Additional Treatment

Finally, be open to additional treatment options. There are different procedures that your orthodontist can perform that will help your teeth more natural align where they should be. One of these procedures is the PROPEL system, where your orthodontist makes a puncture in your bone that helps your teeth move more quickly into place. Another potential procedure is the IPR, where your orthodontist sands the area in between your teeth to create more room. If your orthodontist suggests these or other procedures, be sure to be open to exploring these options as they could assist the Invisalign process.