4 Reasons Clear Plastic Aligners May Be Best For Your Teen

8 September 2016
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Many teens have misaligned teeth that require orthodontic correction. This is not a problem, since there are multiple applications that are designed to straighten the teeth. An orthodontist may even allow you to select the most preferred option for your child if there are several applications that could correct his or her misalignment effectively.

If you are considering multiple orthodontic options for your teen. clear plastic aligners, such as Invisalign, may be best. Here are a few reasons why:

Your child can participate in sporting events with less chance of injury

If your child is active in sports, braces and other alignment devices can cause mouth injuries if they become snagged on the lips. These appliances are typically not removable, so a blow to the mouth causes the lips to be pressed against the metal brackets or other components of the devices. 

With clear plastic aligners, your child can remove the aligning trays to play sports and then place them back in their mouth after the game. 

Your child can play wind instruments

If your child participates in the school band, he or she may play a wind instrument. The mouth has to be properly positioned to blow into a wind instrument correctly.

Braces can make it difficult to move the lips properly. It may take quite a while for your child to learn to move his or her lips around a bulky appliance to blow into an instrument. Additionally, each time the orthodontist adjusts the appliance, you child may have to become re-acclimated to positioning the lips to blow into the instrument.

Your child can remove clear aligners and blow into an instrument without impediments to the proper placement of the lips. 

Your child can clean his or her teeth with ease

Aligners can also be removed to clean the teeth. Thus, your teen should not find it any more difficult than usual to clean his or her teeth effectively. There are no brackets or wires to circumvent when brushing and flossing, and no special tools are required. 

Your child can eat without obstructions

With clear plastic aligners, your child can eat meals without having food caught in brackets or wires. As a result, your teenager can eat freely without being unduly concerned about the appearance of his or her teeth. Additionally, your child can continue eating the foods that he or she loves, regardless of the texture. Sometimes, hard or sticky foods can damage traditional braces and archwires. 

To learn more reasons that clear plastic aligners make great options for teens, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in your area (like those at Fayetteville Family Dentistry).