Cutting-Edge Teeth Whitening Treatments For Sensitive Teeth

13 October 2017
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Teeth whitening technology continues to progress. If you tried old teeth whitening technology and you have found that it was not effective or you found that it is very uncomfortable due to your sensitive teeth, you may benefit from newer technologies that you may not have ever tried or that you may not have even heard of, such as:

Teeth Whitening Products And Tooth Sensitivity

Whitening products can cause tooth sensitivity temporarily because they cause tooth dehydration. This causes pores in the teeth to be left open. Then, the dentin can shrink and place pressure on nerves in your teeth. The sensitivity continues until the teeth rehydrate, which relieves the pressure. This can take several hours as a result of saliva production.

Minimizing Discomfort After A Treatment

Because teeth whitening products can make your teeth temporarily more sensitive, avoid consuming foods that contain sugar or acid. Otherwise, your teeth are much more likely to become stained again. If your teeth normally have a problem with sensitivity, you may want to use teeth whitening methods that are less likely to cause sensitivity issues.

New Teeth Whitening Technologies

One of the newest teeth whitening technologies is the Zoom Whitespeed Lamp. This new technology is ideal for those who have sensitive teeth because it releases much less heat. It also has different settings so that a new setting can be selected if your teeth feel uncomfortable. 

Sensitive Bleaching Gels

New bleaching gels are ideal for those who are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. They release the chemical more gradually rather than releasing it all at once. If your teeth are very sensitive, limiting the session to 20 minutes and using a desensitizer afterward that prevents the peroxide from penetrating the teeth can help.

Teeth Whitening Gels And Trays

Desensitizing remineralization trays are another effective way to whiten your teeth without causing discomfort. The gel is added to the tray and will only have to be worn for ten minutes. The gel flows into the open pores of the tooth and re-hydrates it. While this will not completely solve the problem of sensitive teeth while having your teeth whitened, it will make the experience much less uncomfortable. 

Make sure to find a cosmetic dentist and bring up your sensitive teeth when discussing options for teeth whitening. There are always new techniques that are being developed and you will have the white teeth that you want with less discomfort.