4 Things You Need To Know About A Dental Emergency

8 January 2018
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When it comes to your mouth, it helps to know what qualifies as a dental emergency. Knowing what qualifies as a dental emergency will help you take appropriate action should you ever experience a dental emergency yourself.

What Counts as A Dental Emergency

First, you need to understand what counts as a dental emergency. A dental emergency occurs when you are experiencing a dental situation that is causing your pain and discomfort that may be accompanied by swelling. Another sign of a dental emergency is when you are experiencing a dental condition that you cannot treat on your own and need assistance with.

Dental health emergencies usually do not fix themselves and more than often requires the assistance of a dental professional.

Where To Go When You Have A Dental Emergency

When you have a dental emergency, you should contact a dental office that offers emergency assistance. Most dentists, when you call their office, will provide you with a number to call if you are experiencing a dental emergency. It is best to go to a dentist if possible when experiencing a dental emergency.

An emergency room is generally not the best place to go when you are experiencing a dental emergency. An emergency room doctor more than likely will only be able to give you something to help you manage the pain that you are experiencing, and recommend that you see a dentist for assistance. Going to the emergency room is a good choice though if you experience trauma to your face; the emergency room may be able to give you antibiotics that will help with the swelling until you are able to see a dentist.

Cost of an Emergency Dentist

If the dentist you go to is covered under your insurance plan, you should not face additional costs when you use an emergency dentist. You should face the same deducible and premium costs as you would at your regular dentist. Always ask and make sure though before you are treated by an emergency dentist.

If you don't have dental insurance, many emergency dentist facilities will set you up with a payment plan. If cost is an issue, please injure into what assistance is available. Emergency dental facilities want to help you manage your pain and take care of your teeth.

If you are experiencing swelling or pain in your mouth that you can't manage on your own, you are going to want to see an emergency dentist for care. Don't ignore pain in your mouth; it is unlikely to go away on its own.