The Three Major Stages Of Getting A Tooth Replacement Dental Implant

14 September 2018
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Getting a dental implant will provide you with one of the longest-lasting and most realistically functioning and looking tooth replacements out there. If you're wondering what the process is like to get a dental implant, you should know that there are three major steps once the ball is rolling and you and your dental implant treatment specialist have planned to set you up with dental implants. Here are the next three steps you'll be going through, from start to finish.

Removal and Prep

Your first appointment will be about getting rid of your damaged tooth. Even if there isn't tooth above the surface, there may still be roots under your gums that need to be taken care of. You'll be anesthetized, so you don't need to worry about feeling pain during this step.

Once your dentist has extracted any remaining parts of the tooth, the bone of your jaw will also be prepped for the implants. This may mean reshaping the part of the bone that teeth naturally fit into. Once this step is complete, you'll be sent home to heal and recover.

Implant Insertion

After you've healed, you'll come in again to have the implants put in. However, this is only the actual implant part, not the tooth that sits on top.

Your dentist will numb the area and then will make a small incision to open the gums. Once they're in the right spot, they'll insert the titanium post that makes up the base of your implant. This will be set in right where your real tooth root once was.

Your dentist will close your gums around the implant, and a small nub will stick up above your gums. This is completely normal, and it's the part of the post that your dentist will need to be able to access to put on your tooth. Once the procedure is complete, you'll once again be sent home to heal and recover.

Tooth Topper

After your gums have healed, you'll be called in one more time. Your dentist may perform an x-ray to ensure that the bone of your jaw is properly growing around the implant post to help secure it and keep it strong. If everything looks good, the tooth will be mounted on top of your titanium implant post.

Once your new artificial tooth is in place, the entire process is complete. You'll be able to go home without any recovery time in this stage, and you can immediately start eating solid food.

Dental implants can give you the look you want and restore functionality all at the same time. Although implants require a few visits to get started, rest assured that it will be well worth it as those same implants will last you for years to come.