When You Have Tooth Pain: Causes And Remedies To Manage Pain

6 February 2019
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If you suddenly have a painful tooth in your mouth, this can be a dental emergency. When the pain is mild or occurs only from drinking hot or cold liquids, sensitivity could be the cause. It's important to determine what is going on with your teeth when you experience pain, even when it only occurs because of changes in temperature. Cracked teeth, abscesses, gum disease, or an inflammation of the pulp can all cause you pain in your teeth that needs to be addressed by your dental services provider.

Extreme Pain In Your Mouth

When it's the middle of the night and you can't sleep because of tooth pain, you may be experiencing an abscessed tooth. This is a painful condition that needs treatment in order to feel better. If you go to the emergency room because of the pain, you may be prescribed antibiotics to help with the infection and pain medication. When you visit your dentist, they may pull the tooth if it can't be saved. An abscessed tooth is painful and you won't be able to ignore the pain.

Sensitivity to Temperatures

Sometimes you will have slight pain in your teeth when you come in contact with hot or cold items. This can be as simple as tooth sensitivity, and you can use specialized toothpaste to help reduce your sensitivity. You might also have tooth decay, which will need to be treated with a filling at your dentist's office. The level of pain can be significant, even when the problem is sensitivity.

Pain When Chewing

If you experience pain in your tooth when you bite down on food, this could be due to a cracked tooth. While the interior pulp may or may not be inflamed, the pressure of biting down can be enough to cause pain when the tooth is cracked. Your dentist will need to take a careful look at your tooth in order to restore or replace a cracked tooth.

Upper Tooth Pain 

When you have pain in your upper teeth, this can be a problem with your sinuses. Decongestant medication can reduce or eliminate the pain. If you have a sinus infection causing you tooth pain, an antibiotic medication will take care of the issue.

When you have tooth pain, find out the cause of your pain. You may have sensitivity, or you could have a dental emergency that needs to be managed. If you can't handle the dental pain you are in, it's time to visit with your dentist for help.